Like a curious toddler, and to the point of annoyance, I had become successful by asking the big question: WHY??

Life handed Michelle Jacobi a challenge. At 29 years old, after giving birth to her third son, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

mentally strong book coverEveryone faces challenges in life. Most are minor, but others – like divorce, job loss, financial crisis, death of a loved one, disease or sudden loss of health – come hard and fast, like a slap in the face. What can we do when we meet these kind of challenges? We could wave a white flag and give up. We could delay any kind of reaction at all, and wish our problems away. Or, we could pick ourselves back up and move forward.

Bouncing back from adversity isn’t easy and generally isn’t the decision that a lot of people make, because it’s painful. In Mentally Strong, Jacobi takes her readers through her story and struggles, and suggests some ways to stay strong against all of life’s setbacks. In her journey of determination, Michelle Jacobi leads the reader through the realities required to bounce back from life’s knockout punches.

Browse Mentally Strong (MS) Chapters

  1. Intro – My Story
  2. Medically Screwed
  3. Mental Struggle
  4. Made Stubborn
  5. Minor Setbacks
  6. My Self-Talk
  7. My S%@#!!
  8. Must Seize
  9. My Skills
  10. Many Saviors
  11. More Secrets
  12. Mystery Solved

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